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Real Talk with

The Event Professionals 


We are Taking the Time out to Answer

Brides Most Frequently Asked

Questions to Event Professionals 


                    maria Angela & sue natalE

BRIDE Q: When should I do my hair trial?

MARIE AND SUE A:  6 months to a year to reserve a specific hair stylist. Using your trial for an event is always a great idea. In our opinion, engagement photos are a great time. 


BRIDE Q: Is it important to have my veil and hairpiece for the trial? 

MARIE AND SUE A:  Absolutely not! We can help you find the perfect piece to fit your style.  Everything should compliment each other, we can make sure you get the right piece for the style you desire. 


BRIDE Q: Do you recommend having touch-ups on my wedding day? 

MARIE AND SUE A: Absolutely!  There are so many benefits to having your glam team by your side.  The biggest one, we can touch up those curls to be picture perfect. Most of our brides love to change their style for the party.  Your party hair will withstand all the dancing and partying. 


BRIDE Q: What hairstyles are best for which season?  

MARIE AND SUE A: We always tell our brides not to follow a trend or a season. Honestly, it should reflect who you are. If you love your hair down, you will never be happy with an upstyle just because it’s hot out (And it will show in your photos!) This is the perfect opportunity to use the touch-up service because we can fix it or change it after your most important photos are complete. 


BRIDE Q: Any special advice directed for my hair the day of? 

MARIE AND SUE A: We generally like to have your hair shampooed and blown dry the day before.  Everyone’s hair is different, so just be sure you have a clear plan with your stylist for how they want you prepped. 

Real talk WITH makeup by Katrina nyc                 

BRIDE Q: What do you recommend for the bride airbrush or regular makeup?

KATRINA A: I’m a traditional believer in that Picasso didn’t use a “spray can” to create art, however he used brushes. A makeup artists responsibility is to learn their craft to help create a flawless long lasting look without the use of an Airbursh machine. Airbrush makeup was originally created for body makeup and eventually some artists started to utilize airbrush makeup for speed, long lasting makeup and for mature skin. All of these things can be achieved without the use of airbrush makeup if the artist is trained correctly. However, if a bride prefers airbrush I’m not against it. 


BRIDE Q: How far in advance should a bride do a trail?

KATRINA A: It’s equally as important that hair and makeup be prioritized as much as their dress. If they find themselves unhappy with their trials, they have time to find the right hair stylist and makeup artist that can accommodate their style and vision without scrambling at the last minute. Therefore, I recommend booking a trial as soon as possible! 


BRIDE Q: Do you recommend touch-ups for the bride the day of?

KATRINA A: Makeup touch-up can be very useful if one finds themselves to be very oily, sweaty or may be very sensitive at their ceremony. Ask your artist what their half day rates are or what their fee is to come back after the ceremony’s right before the reception. 


BRIDE Q: Are false lashes important?

KATRINA A: The right False Lashes are so important to help tie your wedding makeup look together for your pictures. Today, there are many to choose from with an experienced makeup artist that will be comfortable and create a more romantic look for your pictures. 

BRIDE Q: Any overall advice to give brides about their wedding look?

KATRINA A: Never avoid a trial and provide pictures to show them of some ideas you may have in mind. It helps the artist to gauge your style and helps to create a level of trust and comfortability between you and the artist for the day of the wedding. More importantly, make sure you pick an artist that can help you create your vision NOT their vision to avoid being dissatisfied. 

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