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I hired Jennifer to help with most of the Wedding Planning leading up to the wedding & Day Of Coordinating. I am an organized person, who also hosts alot of events...but your emotions, pressures and stress can get the best of you when it is YOUR wedding! Jen was a constant companion through it all. Of course the wedding turned out spectacular. It is like getting to collab with an artist and make something together that you never thought you could do alone... because you cant!!! Jen makes it happen and makes it a reality. She is worth every penny. Lynne and Valentina were amazing day of coordinators along with Jen. I swear if I blinked twice they knew something I needed without even saying it. You get to go through your day knowing you have an entire team making your wishes come true so you can be as present as possible. Jen is there to make sure all the vendors you hired get delivered, set up, and paid. And make your vision come to life, and make sure you got what you ordered!!! I cannot wait to sit back and watch Jen continue to build her empire. I will never stop bragging about her and what we accomplished together. I truly feel she is my friend now, I mean she puts up with you during your ugliest, most stressed out moments...and is so understanding. She is both a friend and a professional to bounce ideas off of, reassure your decisions, talk you off a ledge, give advice when needed, point you in a direction you want to go, and someone who is just in your corner during this beautiful yet DIFFICULT process. It is all worth it in the end. My husband and I got a day of a lifetime, and were in complete heaven our entire wedding weekend with seriously NO STRESS. I love you forever Jen & the JBE Team!!!!!!

- Christina C 

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