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Our company is comprised of strong and independent women who never take no for an answer!

With over 70 years of combined experience, each employee has been hand picked with your best interest in mind. Every one of our personalities are unique but working hard and getting the job done is something we all have in common! We have earned our reputation as one of the most detailed Event Planning Team in the industry. We look forward to working with our clients and providing a personalized experience for each and every one!


Jennifer is no stranger to the Event Planning Industry. Having over 15 years of Catering in her background, this experience contributes to her success in events. Her warm and enthusiastic personality, along with flawless precision and attention to detail, has helped contribute to her success and client satisfaction. She finds her client's relationships to be the inspirational foundation for building the celebration they will remember as “the best day ever”.  Recognizing that every wedding is a special occasion and her passion is turning your dreams and visions into reality. In addition to Jennifer's modern and elegant style of planning, she brings the art of creativity and personalization to every event.  She adds special attention to details and is structurally organized. Her vision and passion for the mission that perfection is truly in the details have set a high mark in this industry. 


From Jennifer Herself: 

Meet my pride and joy, my daughter, Sofia. I am truly blessed. They provide me so much strength and support to follow my dreams. 


My fearless and creative nature shows through in my approach to your personal style—especially with an affinity for putting together bold statements for Weddings. I love playing with color and bringing new creative ideas for events.


Just seeing the smiles on the host's face as he or she gets to enjoy this special day, is when I know my job has been done and done correctly. 

"With a wedding planner leading your way, you have reliable guidance, expert advice, 

and insider's access to the best professionals; It's well worth the investment."

- JB 

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Introducing  Alex, the JBE Office Manager. She is the first person you are connected to when you reach out to JBE and is a major staple in keeping you on track during the planning process. She is with you from the initial inquiry, to making any last minute changes on your account the week of the wedding. She loves seeing the progression and creating a rapport with each couple.  In her downtime, you will catch her jumping on an airplane traveling or watching every housewives franchise while organizing and decorating around the house. 

I love how appreciative our brides are of our services! They're able to truly enjoy themselves on one of the happiest days of their lives. "SAY YES TO NO STRESS" - Our motto holds true, and our brides can vouch for that! Seeing the great reviews come in after a wedding truly puts a smile on all of our faces. We are there step by step to make their day as flawless as can be, and we are happy to do so! That is definitely my favorite part of the job,

and most rewarding." 



Lynne is no stranger to the Hospitality industry. With over 30 years of experience, Lynne has done it all! From running events as a Matire'd to Banquet Sales Manager, she knows the in's and out's of this industry as a whole. Lynne specializes in producing events not only Weddings but also all types of Corporate Events, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs and beyond. As a mother of three, you will find Lynne very compassionate, calming and nurturing the day of the event but do not be fooled by this calming source, she makes sure everyone is on track at all times and does not settle for a less than a perfect event. She has the ability to handle pressure and make split-second decisions due to her knowledge in the industry. 


"My job is to take all of Jennifer's hard work and execute it...when I see a smile on my bride & grooms face at the end of the day,

I exhale and know I did my part." 


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Michelle has been in the industry for 10 years as a Banquet Sales Manager for some of the top Catering Halls on Long Island. She has also dabbled in other roles such as Bridal Attendant, Event Finalist, Onsite Stylist and Wedding Coordination. Learning every aspect of the Hospitality industry she is always one step ahead in planning, executing or handling any emergencies that arise.  Her favorite part of the industry is event designing especially with a themed event! If she is am not working with JBE, she is planning cute and creative activities to do with her family. Being a mother is what I am most proud of. 

" I always like to be a step ahead which I believe helps me very valuable to make an event flawless" 


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Jessica a native of Long Island, always had the flair for fashion and upcoming trends. With her heart of gold, she always found a way to help and make someone feel extra special. From working in the fashion retail industry, modeling and volunteering for her families, diabetes foundation. She had such a great eye for setting up occasions and working with companies tomake spectacular parties. Her flair with color and her imagination goes above and beyond anyone can imagine. Jessica on her free time was always planning out for her future wedding, someday. However, in the back of her mind was her dream to become a Wedding planner. Her dream became a reality when she was offered to join the JBE team. My main hobbies are crafting, Pilates, cooking and photography. I am a kid at heart and my favorite movie  is Elf.

“I am elated to be part of this team, and I will have the responsibility of creating magic for my wedding couples and their families.”


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